Journal - Bowers - 11th to 15th

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Nov 11th - We had a bad time with Chris again. He remembered having been bluffed before & could not be got near the sledge at all without trouble 4 times he broke away but fortunately he always ran back among the other ponies & not out on to the Barrier. Finally we had to down him & he was so tired with his recent struggles that after one abortive attempt we got him fast & away. It is an awful pity that the silly beggar will tire himself like this before his days work begins, it must eventually tell severely on him though he is a very strong beast My sledgemeter was nearly broken during one of the struggle We all got away by 2.30 am & found the Surface very trying to the animals owing to a deposit of fine snow on the hitherto good surface. This must have doubled the work of pulling the sledges & it plainly told on our beasts ..... The Bluff showed up in mirage & the land beyond to the SW where the Sun was apparently shining. It looked much better to the South by the time we passed the lunch camp..... Shackleton had one blizzard about this time & then a clean run without a single one as long as his ponies lasted. Hence the good marches he made. The summer should surely be setting in soon & as it only lasts for 2 month out of the twelve in this region I do trust it will be kind to us at this most critical time.

Nov 12th -  The persistency of this bad weather is extraordinary. Bluff Camp Cairn showed up remarkably well in the gloom, we passed it about 5 ½ miles out.

Nov 14th -  Huge icicles from under their noses during the march V generally rubs his off on my sleeve...I am enjoying a slight touch of Snow blindness in my right eye & so am reduced to Goggles. they are a beastly nuisance as they constantly get fogged & ones breath on them freezes at once. They must be endured however & are a comfortable pair fortunately. 4 pm. Wonders will never cease we have had a fine day. It has been delightfully warm & all the animals are basking drowsily in the Sun. The Bluff & hut Discovery have actually re- appeared but are now a long way astern. Erebus and Terror have gone for good & we seem really well away from the disturbed area. What a godsend a day like this is after our recent misery.

Nov 15th - We found our last February's depot just as we had left it except for excessive snow drift which was level with the top of the Cairn to leeward & extended in a broad tongue about 150 yards to NE Showing that the prevailing wind here is SW The minimum thermometer I had left here showed --72ºf which was not quite so low as out temp of -99º on the winter journey. It seems however that the average Barrier temperature in calm weather during the winter must have ranged between -70º -80º.