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VideoCentral HD FAQs

VideoCentral HD FAQs

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VideoCentral HD FAQs

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This page contains a set of questions frequently raised about the service and will continue to be updated periodically.


Click to viewWhy is the new service called VideoCentral HD?

The new service is a significant improvement on the current LGfL Video Central service.

Although very popular, there are many London teachers that have as yet chosen not to use the previous version of VideoCentral, because its use of Adobe Flash and the interface.

Calling the new service HD allows the user base to understand that is it a new and improved, high quality service, which avoids use of Flash and hence can stream video to any connected device.

Click to viewHow can users get an optimum performance from the new system?

To achieve an ‘HD’ performance, users will need to ensure that they provide optimised video files the system will produce optimum results.

If the video files uploaded are poor quality the system will deliver the streaming result to the best possible standard, based on the file type provided by the user.

Click to viewWhat is the specification of video file that will ensure the best possible output from VideoCentral HD?

To achieve the best results, the following specification as an output from video edit software should be used:

Click to viewWill I be able to access my video uploaded to the previous VideoCentral service?

Yes – the previous video central service will remain, however you will no longer be able to upload videos into this service.

If you need to upload new videos, VideoCentral HD should be used.

Click to viewWill my videos in VideoCentral be converted across to VideoCentral HD?

No – you will need to upload any videos into VCHD if you would like to make use of the improved service.

Click to viewWhat is the file upload limit on Video Central HD?

Files are limited to 2GB.

Click to viewWill I be able to view the videos on mobile devices?

Yes - VideoCentral HD has been optimised to playback on mobile technology, including iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Click to viewCan I upload more than one file at a time

Yes – you can upload multiple files at once.

Click to viewWill the search in VCHD include search returns from the original Video Central Service?

No - unfortunately this will not be possible.

Click to viewCan I playback audio on Apple mobile devices?


Click to viewCan I view videos and audio on Android devices?

Yes – but you must have previously installed flash in the Android devices.


For full details on how to use this service please use the menu on the left of click here.