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Editing videos

Editing videos

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Editing videos

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The external properties of a video must be added or edited after the video has been uploaded.

External properties refer to

Go to My videos and select a video to edit by clicking the Edit button below that video.


Editing a video/audio file

The My videos page will display all videos you have uploaded. Select each one in turn to edit.

Click Edit below the video you intend to edit.


After you click the Edit button, the properties of that file will become editable in the lower right corner of the screen (in the blue section).


The original properties of the file will shown in the grey box. These were the file properties at the time it was uploaded.

You now have the option to change, and add to, the existing properties.

The fields you may change are as illustrated and explained below:

Title: The title of the video will be the name of the file you upload. If you wish to change this, simply delete the existing text and enter the new title.
Visibility: This is a toggle between two options - Private and Public.
If you mark a file Public, everyone on the internet will be able to access it without logging in to VideoCentralHD.
If you mark a file Private, it will be visible only to you and the selected people with whom you choose to share it. To access a Private file, a person will need to have a direct link to it which must be provided by you via email or a similar mechanism.
Start Option: This is a toggle between Auto start and Manual start.
If you choose Auto start, the file will start playing automatically as soon as someone clicks on it.
If you choose Manual start, the file will only start playing after someone clicks on it and then clicks the Play icon in the centre of the screen.
Keywords: These are individual words you can enter to help people search for your video/audio file. They will frequently be directly related to the content of the file. You may enter as many words (NOT phrases) as may be necessary. Some of the keywords will be entered for you automatically and these will come from the file name of the item. Please note that only Public files may be found in a search so entering keywords for files marked Private will not help find those files.
Thumbnail: Each video is represented by a thumbnail picture. This is taken from the video itself. The number specified here will be the number of seconds into the video at which that image is taken.
Caption: You may enter a caption for each file should you wish to provide additional, external information. If you enter a caption this will be represented by a CC icon in the top right corner of the player. Users may click on the icon to view the caption which will open in a panel in the lower half of the player window as shown below.



Linking to the video/audio file

To create a direct link to your uploaded file or to share it with your colleagues around LGfL, click the Edit button below the required file.

In the blue section in the lower right corner, click the Share button. (You will also have received a link in the email that arrived after the encoding process was completed.)


A popup window will open which contains two options:

1.A link you can copy and send to others
2.Embed code which you can copy and then paste into your own website to embed the video/audio file in your site directly.
Please note: if you mark a file as Public, you will not be able to view the embed code for it.

Simply copy the section you require.


Deleting a video/audio file

Using the My videos page, click the Edit button below the file you wish to delete.

In the blue section in the lower right corner, click the Delete button.


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