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VideoCentral HD offers an easy-to-use web-based solution which allows teachers in London to share video and audio files with students, colleagues and partner schools.

Video and audio files are uploaded using a secure web interface then encoded automatically for fast, efficient web streaming.


Access to uploaded videos (and audio files) can be restricted so that only the person who has uploaded them can access them.

However, videos can be publicly accessible over the internet if this is required.

Videos with public or restricted visibility can also be embedded in other web pages (within your MLE/VLE, for example) or viewed via direct links sent by email.


New features of VideoCentral HD

oVideos playback on mobile device
oImproved sound quality
oImproved picture quality
oUpload text into player window to support learners with impaired hearing (Closed captioning)
oLarger upload size (2GB)
oVideo stream optimises to the speed of connection


Viewing the public videos

The home page of VideoCentral HD found at can be accessed by the general public and will contain only those videos whose status is Public.

This page allows you to search for a specific video using keywords or simply filter all available videos by using the available options.


Using the keyword search

The keyword search allows you to enter a word to search for videos. The search works on words that are in the video's title or on any additional keywords that the owner of the video may have entered as search terms.

It is therefore advisable, when uploading a publicly accessible video, to enter as many descriptive keywords as possible to help others find it in a search.

Please note: when using the search, you must click the Go button to run the search instead of using the Return/Enter key on your keyboard.

Any results from the search will be displayed in the bottom portion of the page under the Most recent videos heading.


Using the search filters

The default page view will display all videos marked Public that were uploaded in the last week, in the order of the most frequently viewed to least viewed and the default will show 10 items. All these criteria can be changed via the filters to view a different selection of videos.

You can use one filter at a time or all of them simultaneously.


Filter by time frame

The first dropdown menu allows you to select the time frame in which videos were uploaded. You may choose to view videos uploaded in the last day, last week, last 2 weeks, last 4 weeks or ever uploaded to the site (the no limit option).

When you choose a filter, the page will refresh automatically.

Filter by type

Videos can also be filtered by popularity, length, alphabetical order and age of file.

Filter by number of visible items

By default, 10 videos will be shown on screen. To change this to a different number use the third menu and select your preferred option.


Playing videos

To play a video simply click on the video itself.

As soon as you place your mouse over the video, a Play symbol (arrow) will become visible on the screen.

Click to start playing.

A pop-up will open to play the video.

If the popup does not appear while using Internet Explorer you may need to allow popups for this website by configuring the Internet Options in the browser.

Use the built in controls in the video viewer (as illustrated above).

To end a video and close the viewer use the X symbol at the bottom of the viewer or alternatively, simply click your mouse in a different part of the screen ad viewer will disappear.

The sharing symbol makes it simple to someone a link to any video, whether private or public.

Click on the icon, then copy the address shown and send it by email or paste it into a document.

Alternatively, use the embed code provided to access the video through your own website.


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